What is MGROW going to do?

FrogThrough funding provided by the Capital Region Community Foundation and a partnership with Eaton Conservation District, several internal and external brainstorming sessions were held to inform the strategic planning process.

Organizations and community members from across the Watershed were invited to Food & Conversation meetings to provide ideas. River Network facilitated a board development retreat for MGROW, Friends of the Maple, and Friends of the Looking Glass to discuss organizational development strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. As a Board, we held three internal brainstorming meetings to set goals and objectives. A follow-up brainstorming session and survey was organized for those that attended the Food & Conversation events and were interested in the idea of creating an advisory council for MGROW.

Feedback from these sessions shaped the answer to the direction we should head in the next five years.

  • Healthy water for healthy communities.
    • Help reduce nonpoint source pollution through supporting existing watershed management work and the Pollution Isn’t Pretty campaign.
  • Develop recreation opportunities on and/or near the water including accessibility.
  • Build a diverse network of organizations and community members.
    • Focus on collaboration and collective impact by utilizing online and offline opportunities.
  • Celebrate our water by telling the story of the Watershed which is home to the Grand, Red Cedar, Looking Glass and Maple Rivers.
    • Achieve this by promoting events and opportunities, and creating a sense of place with an emphasis on having fun and engaging the community.
  • Invest in the long term sustainability of MGROW through organizational development best practices and building resources.

Excerpt from draft strategic plan.