Where is MGROW now?

Momentum around water is building. We see this on an international level with organizations like the United Nations, discussing and planning for people around the globe to experience severe water shortages, reduced access to clean drinking water and sanitation, and increased water borne disease exposure. On a national level many states such as California are experiencing prolonged droughts and water use restrictions, and communities in the Lake Erie basin are experiencing toxic algae blooms and public health concerns. The State of Michigan has been focusing on creating a Water Strategy to address issues such as invasive species, water withdrawal, use and conflict, and aging stormwater and sewer infrastructure. On a local level, many organizations, and community members have been working hard to create Watershed Management Plans to reduce nonpoint source pollution, implement best management practices and increase exposure to our water as an asset.

In 2014 alone there has been increased media attention on water as well. Stories like Asian Carp, Lake Erie algal blooms, oil spills, and water shut-offs in Detroit have been a common occurrence.

Although we are a young organization there couldn’t be a better time than right now to begin protecting and preserving our water. Moving forward, there is a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage existing talent and resources.